In May 2011 Sushi Mido Japanese Restaurant opened right here in Shawnee, Kansas. We knew we had great food with the passion and artistry that accompanies the best Japanese cuisine. We knew we could serve our premium sushi with affordable Everyday prices but we had one little problem; how can we get people to taste it? Thus, the special All You Can Eat menu was created. It has been done in Las Vegas, Dallas, St. Louis, and now it has been done right here in Shawnee!

Sushi Mido is sushi for the everyday person and with our prices you can afford to eat sushi everyday. Our lunch specials are fast and affordable and you can order them dine in or to go. Our All You Can Eat menu is featured at both lunch and dinner 6 days a week (don’t forget we are closed on Monday). We also have freshly prepared kitchen entrees such as General Tso’s chicken or salmon teriyaki. For appetizers, we can range from traditional Narudo maki or Hawaiian Tuna Ahi Poki all the way to our excellent tempura (shrimp, scallop, or mix veggie). Be sure to look through our entire menu so you don’t miss out on anything!

Sushi Mido strives to provide you with the Japanese food you know and love, while adding new and exciting dishes you are sure to enjoy. We take pride in serving you food that has been freshly prepared in our kitchen and sushi bar from hand rolls to homemade sauces, Sushi Mido adds a personal touch to every dish we serve.