A Little Bit of Sugar for Perioral Dermatitis

A bit little bit of sugar?

. Please note: Powdered sugar and olive oil is not olive oil is not a cure for the underlying cause of perioral dermatitis.  however, in my experience, sugar and olive oil offers symptomatic remedy for burning and itching. It additionally treats and forestalls  bacterial infection, speeds up healing and decreases scarring according to medical literature and that seems to be April 7, 2014.

I started the usage of sugar and oil again on April seventh 2014 (up to date April 9th, 2014).  i’ve no longer had any recurrences for the reason that April treatment (updated 7/23/2014). I first skilled perioral dermatitis July 2011 and had breakouts each 2 to a few weeks.  The outbreaks have become less severe and started to return much less often.  one day, all of it it simply stopped…but it came returned 10 months later as cited above.

I exploit sugar and olive oil as a standard mask numerous instances per week.  I additionally use sugar scrubs some times every week which incorporate granulated sugar, honey and olive oil.  I wash my face every day the use of the oil cleansing method the usage of various oils which might also or won’t encompass coconut, olive, castor and sunflower oil. olive, castor and sunflower oil. This experiment become tried out of desperation and the consequences had been repeatable with each successive outbreak.  I used the sugar and oil paste continuously for 5 to 9 days in keeping with outbreak, 24/7 for the most element.

The authentic experiment: Is there a position for sugar position for sugar or honey in wound recuperation? most in reality there is!   I’ve some articles on the give up of this post about it.  fantastic facts to have for herbal wound restoration.  I’m interested by the usage of sugar proper now instead of honey due to the fact honey irritates my skin while it’s uncooked and gained live in vicinity.

Why do I care? 

I am a pharmacist through change and I’m interested by what humans did earlier than the appearance of current medicinal drug.  Herbs, oils and domestic remedies.  in addition, i have a pretty bad case of ongoing perioral dermatitis that has been raw and painful these days.  It’s the worst it’s ever been.  I’m inside the trial and blunders section.
The name of the “sickness” says not anything approximately the purpose and there may be no “assured” treatment with the intention to work in everyone.  My perioral dermatitis is waxing and waning, cyclic.  I would really like to discover a herbal treatment rather than the usage of synthetic chemical substances proper this rash into what it’s far this time around due to the fact i can’t preserve my fingers off my face.  It itches so badly and hurts and peels and weeps!  I’ve attempted a few commonplace domestic treatments which have induced irritation (apple cider vinegar, yogurt, lavender oil, tea tree oil).  I’ve taken some little clumps of bumps to a mechanical/chemical burn that by no means simply heals before flaring up again.

When the rash is at its worst, I will not sleep and it hurts to talk and smile.  everything appears to bother my chin.  Air (ceiling fan, air con), water… my husband’s stubble.  It burns and itches some thing fierce whilst it’s this raw.  It stings.  It’s embarrassing.  It’s ugly. currently, I am placing powdered sugar and olive oil on that nasty little booger…all day lengthy.  I exploit about a tablespoon of olive oil to make a paste.  not a thick paste.  It desires to live on without a bandage.  i might say that my combination starts out about the consistency of a thicker lotion…however it’ll thicken up a bit bit more within the ointment jar with time…hehe…cake frosting.  It does no longer be counted what type of oil you use.  See jojoba, olive, sunflower, hemp, grapeseed.  you may make more at a time in case you need.  I just make a bit bit…no specific reason truly.  It’s excellent for a completely long term (years seemingly for powdered sugar and cooking oil) however I’d think that relies upon on the sort of oil used. If colonization or contamination has whatever  to do with this…I’m doing some killing.  Sugar has an antimicrobial effect because it deprives bugs of water  (osmotic impact).

The little critters shrivel (osmotic impact).

The little critters shrivel up and die (bactericidal).  Like salt on a snail.  Sugar additionally lowers wound pH (makes it greater acidic) which stops the bacteria from multiplying (bacteriostatic). Oil also capabilities in a physical way.  Oil coats the bacterial mobile wall (outer membrane).  This apparently interferes with the ability of the mobile
allows pores and skin to regenerate its barrier to a normal kingdom. “Saccharides on the wound surface encourage the production of hyaluronic acid from glucose, concurrently suppressing the formation of fibre-forming collagens. The sugar preparations on the wound mattress create an surroundings that allows wound recuperation proteoglycans to exert their results with out generating immoderate portions of collagens.“  At times, perioral dermatitis  is as
the face.  That’s now not me.  different theories contain hormones, sun publicity, chemical compounds utilized in personal hygiene and beauty products…even chemicals in our water. I’m a face product addict and  I spend numerous time in the southwest solar.  I’m doing what I will to restrict “danger” factors, whether they be theoretical or now not but I also have in an effort to stick with things I strive my life with out letting this take over.  nothing has been verified, so I bet it’s all about what works for the character.

I should point out that I’ve autoimmune thyroid disease.   another detail which could or won’t be important is that I’ve spent many hours compounding and admixing medicinal drugs over the years.  The closing time turned into in January of 2011 and covered compounding medicines along with hydrocortisone cream, progesterone with hydrocortisone cream, progesterone drugs, estrogen tablets and testosterone cream.   while you do this type of stuff, you’re taking precautions, however your pores and skin may be exposed.  I don’t know what the lengthy-time period results of those chemical exposures are as a ways as my skin is concerned. I couldn’t discover records to be used of sugar and olive oil on this form of wound however i am trying it anyway due to am trying it anyway due to the fact there’s data on treating extreme wounds of diverse types with sugar and oil.  I don’t understand that i would call my wound excessive, but i can’t think of any cause why I shouldn’t strive it anyway.  I’m hoping to speed up recovery and reduce scarring.  I commenced the use hold the wound protected constantly, as lots as possible, night and day, with only some hours at maximum without the paste covering the wound.

I’m no longer the use of whatever else at the moment.  One component at a time…except for maybe an NSAID (aspirin or ibuprofen) and an antihistamine if needed. The maximum acute thing I’ve observed is that my face doesn’t itch or sting. the first day, I ought to feel instantaneous to feel instantaneous warmth in the vicinity along side relief of itch, removal of pain but elevated reddening.  That was a bit frightening.  nicely, a lot horrifying.  It turned into as though the sugar and oil have been exposing “hidden sickness” in tissue that turned into scarred as well as the stuff I knew was there.  The wound regarded to be getting worse!  however, considering that there has been no pain or itching, I attributed the redness to blood go with the flow and sloughing of lifeless and diseased pores and skin.  there was warmth in the area, but no longer a painful burning…or maybe an uncomfortable warmth.  It changed into actually kind of soothing.  The warm temperature become exact enough to soften the instruction on the rash region.  the next
faster. nonetheless no itching or pain and if so, very moderate compared to with out the practice.  Topical castor oil allows with itching as nicely. This is a superb thing. It manner i will keep my arms away from my face that is maximum sincerely a ought to.  i will chortle and smile without it hurting.  My face  doesn’t dry out and crack and new pores and skin seems to be forming.

I have hope!  It doesn’t experience like a a thousand paper cuts all being realized at the equal time.  I can see texture in a good way, I suppose?  every from time powdered sugar substitute, to time, if the water I splash my face with is too cold, I’d get a tinge of sting once I wash the mixture this.  I am making use of the sugar and oil in this sort of manner as to hold the wound continuously moist (oily…however you want to explain it) and protected with paste.  essentially, I simply splash water at the wound while the sugar layer gets too thick and starts falling off my face.  Pat dry,  then reapply It appears to be enhancing.  the texture is changing. I’ve tried masses of various things over the last yr (this started out July 2011):  yogurt, ACV, calendula, honey washes, honey “dressings”  (which run down my face and are too sticky), tea tree oil, chamomile compresses, nutrition E oil, salicylic acid, SLS loose hygiene merchandise, fluoride unfastened toothpaste, oatmeal compresses, little or no makeup to limit parabens and paraffins and no makeup on the location if I on the location if I will help it, no moisturizer, switched to peppermint hemp castile soap (very dilute), or no cleaning soap in any respect…some food regimen type stuff-yada, yada, yada. I’m cleansing my house with combinations of factors which may also or might not encompass vinegar, critical oils, water, castile cleaning soap, olive oil, baking more vegetables.  I’m studying a book called “eating Animals” simply because I sense like it as I reflect on consideration on triggers.  If this is hormone associated, I’d need to bear in mind what my meat is being fed.

If it’s a “sensitivity” type factor, is it possible that antibiotic metabolites cause pores and skin sensitivities (photosensitivity?) in folks about how the animals I eat are farmed?  Does God care?   In terms of prescription drugs, have we thumbed our nostril up at the whole thing God has created to be used as medicine, wondering we will do better even as making plenty of cash?  We live in an age of pharmaceutical grade meals and drugs.  I’ve return.  in any case,  that’s a coffee desk communique for all over again, every other submit.  I’m studying.  I’m not inquisitive about gluten-loose diets, dairy unfastened or whole vegetarian stuff.  no longer but besides, we’ll see.  I’m interested by eating actual food.  I’m hoping it will assist my face amongst different things. therapy for perioral dermatitis but it’s not excellent statistics and the therapy doesn’t continually work.  Why does it paintings for some if this situation isn’t concept to be bacterial?  some trust it’s due to the anti-inflammatory residences of positive antibiotics.  in that case, then why the usage of antibiotics that don’t have anti inflammatory interest orally or see where it leads me.  I’d alternatively now not attempt topical antibiotic lotions/gels (they’ve “stuff” in them…viable cause substances).  I’m not inquisitive about diet dietary supplements or oral/topical retinoids.    I will get my “supplements” from meals.  I’m additionally questioning I want to exchange to a zinc or titanium based totally sunscreen.  I’ve now not accomplished that yet. earlier than starting the sugar/oil remedy for this closing bout, I were the usage of a calendula dressing (oil based) whilst watching for  “California infant” calendula cream to reach.  some people swear by using it.

The cream is marketed as being helpful for conditions including mine.  whilst the cream arrived, i stopped the oil based dressing.  I used the infant cream for some days, but it was making my pores and skin itch and my skin become nonetheless cracking and weeping.  It didn’t help with the ache either. with the ache either.  I went again to the calendula pores and skin dressing that contained nutrition E, olive oil,  almond oil and beeswax.  That has been the most helpful topical product in keeping me cozy ache-wise and itch-wise until now .  For pain and irritation, I commonly take ibuprofen, every so often aspirin.  They assist some.  I get quite puffy for infection).  I take diphenhydramine to assist with the itch and cetirizine in addition to diphenhydramine, if it’s surely terrible.  I don’t know how tons of the itch these items assist, they is probably making things worse through drying out my skin.  those medicines do help a bit with sleep and anxiety.

cowl the yuck, work lots, much higher.  I also like castor oil for itching.  Oatmeal compresses, peppermint teabags and chamomile compresses used sparingly are helpful, but whilst used an excessive amount of, i found they dried out and cracked my skin.  Moderation.  I tried drowsing in gloves, however I just took them off in my sleep. I’m a sluggish learner however learned are that I need to keep my hands off my face, restrict my time inside the sun, stop with all the face junk and find a new sunscreen.  I also need to restriction my use of basis.  by means of “basis”,  I suggest heavy foundations with full coverage that last all day lengthy.  I’m a little scared to try mineral powder.  I using it because it made my face itch.  That become bare Minerals.  maybe some other emblem.  right now I’m sick of attempting things.  I’ve also determined that burkas have their vicinity. I say that handiest half-jokingly due to the fact my brother-in-law suggested I am getting myself one;  and, I used to be wishing I had a burka at instances at some point of this journey.

A number of the alternative matters I’ve discovered matters I’ve discovered this yr are that the “herbal” industry has were given an awesome component going and they’re pleased with some of their products price-sensible and claims-sensible.  It’s sincerely another niche full of scams and gimmicks.  much like anything else.  look up what we require for some thing to be labeled supplements with grand claims. again to what I’ve learned.  Tom’s of Maine toothpaste hasn’t finished a lick of properly for my skin.  while this tube is long gone, I’m switching to sea salt or baking soda…and a bit diatomaceous earth.  I’m no longer fond of the Tom’s line of deodorant both.  when this unit is long gone, I’m locating some thing more “domestic-made”.  by way of domestic-made, that I can mix it myself, even though, I need to try one of these mineral deodorant stones first. (replace 2/nine/2013…the deodorant stone is superb:  Alum  Greek and Bavarian yogurt burn the snot out of my face (in the area susceptible to dermatitis) and that I had to mention no to
vinegar burns my chin and sets me again a few weeks healing time at some stage in a terrible flare-up.  It’s best on the rest of my face and even dries out the rash if it’s a small outbreak;  however, while there are cracks and weeping like within the pictures under, it makes it worse.  It’s in no iffy.  it’s far handiest itchy while used at the region of my skin at risk of dermatitis.  It’s best everywhere else.  (update October 29 2017:  My face appears to be k with lavender in recent times).  Calendula in oils is right.  Calendula cream does no longer trust me.  The emblem I used has lavender (California toddler).

It’s best at the rest of my face although.  Chamomile is soothing however drying.  So is oatmeal.  I also like peppermint tea luggage.  they may be soothing.  If I should use soap, my skin seems to choose surely dilute peppermint hemp castile cleaning soap (which is ideal for itchy skin until it’s were given cracks and raw spots).   I am looking to stay far from soap of try to use simply water and oil when viable.  I’m also restricting how an awful lot water sits on my face (for instance, I restriction tea bag frequency and compress time).  business aloe Vera gel is hectic to my skin, however the goopy mucus stuff without delay from the plant is soothing.  but, the too small to do plenty properly.  I guess the leaves need to be about a foot lengthy before they have fully mature medicinal value?  Sulfur soap appears to melt up the crusts that shape at the wound and enables the weeping, however it is drying if i take advantage of it every day.
tree oil takes my little clumps of red bumps to a weeping red patch that results in itching, burning and peeling.  It’s satisfactory anywhere else.  The pleasure of trial and blunders.  keep in mind that after I’ve attempted those therapies, I try and do one element at a time, take note of the outcomes and once I determine it doesn’t paintings, causes increased pain worse, I circulate on to something else.  Doing too many stuff right away simply confuses the issue and makes it so that I don’t recognize what works and what doesn’t. below is a photograph of my chin on the end of August.  It was having a good day,  noticeably talking.  which means that foundation might stick with my face.  you may see the modifications in my pores and skin texture and the scarring gift after all and the scarring gift after all the bouts of dermatitis flares on the grounds that  July 2011.  It doesn’t look everyday and in no way absolutely heals before flaring up again.

On August twenty seventh, I placed on makeup and sunscreen to cowl up as great I may want to that day.  It’s also
makeup, however I did put on sunscreen and a visor (I must have worn a big floppy hat).   rapidly after  placing on basis and sunscreen on August 27th, my face started out burning and itching.  I used Olay (touchy skin sunscreen) and some Merle Norman basis (which I’ve considering that changed to their lighter, extra “plant primarily based” HC formula. Eight/25August 27th.  I placed on make-up and sunscreen quickly after this photo was taken.  Very scarred skin.

No exchange in severity or your treatment if you may take care of the smell. it’d help.  positioned a few drops of neem on the rash, allow it take a seat for an hour then cowl the rash with powdered sugar and olive oil. I first attempted this two times a day for three days all through the center of the an outbreak that started out March of 2013 after which completed the therapy with just powdered sugar and olive oil.

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